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Last Updated: Tuesday June 16 2009 05:03 GMT

In pictures: New mythical stamps

The Fairy stamp

The Royal Mail has released six stamps based around mythical characters. This one shows the Fairy Queen Mab riding her flying chariot. She looks a bit scary!

The Dragon

The stamps were drawn by artist Dave McKean and are based on British folklore. This dragon is based on stories like George and the Dragon, and also the Welsh red dragon.

The Unicorn

The unicorn shown on this stamp represents animals that are shown on both the Scottish and English coats of arms. Unicorns are known for their single horn and little goat beard.

The Giant

This scary fella depicts a giant based on a Scottish giant called Fingal who, folklore tells us, had a fight with Irish giant Finn McCool which made the Giant's Causway.

The Mermaid

The mermaid shown on this stamp comes from stories around sailors who heard voices signing from the shore and got lured onto rocks and killed. This mermaid does look quite frightening!

The Pixie

The final stamp shows the mischievous pixie. These creatures are meant to come from the west of England and like playing pranks!