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Last Updated: Friday June 05 2009 06:20 GMT

My grandad fought at D-Day

Lily and her granddad

My grandad fought at D-Day

Press Packer Lily's grandad Don was one of the soldiers who sailed across the English Channel to France on 6 June 1944.

It was one of the biggest invasions in history and it helped to defeat the German Army which had captured most of Europe.

Here is her story:

"My grandad or Papa as I call him often talks about the war. He's got loads and loads of medals and photos and I always enjoy hearing his stories.

Ex-soldier at D-Day ceremony

Maddy at D-Day celebrations

He is in his 80s now and I feel really lucky to have someone alive to explain to me what it was like during the fighting.

Papa was one of the people who landed on beaches in Normandy in northern France.

He was shot at and told me he could hear explosions all around him.

Luckily he and his friends survived but many people died during the attack.

Papa says it was an adventure, but a really serious adventure and it still makes him sad to think about it.

Family trip

But he told me D-Day was worth it because British and American forces managed to get past the Nazi Army and head towards Germany.

That's where they eventually found and defeated the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Pictures of the celebrations
Lily and Donald

On D-Day this year I am going to the beaches in Normandy with Papa and the rest of my family to watch some of the ceremonies that have been organised to help remember the people who died in the war.

I am really looking forward to it because it should help me understand about the war even more.

Papa says it's important for kids to learn about what happened during World War Two to make sure that wars don't happen again in the future. I definitely agree."

Lily, 10, Basildon, England

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