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Last Updated: Thursday June 04 2009 15:22 GMT

Voting taking place across the UK

A polling station in Northern Ireland

People across the UK are voting in elections to choose members of the European Parliament.

The European election is the last time everyone in the UK will vote together before a general election.

And Thursday's election may have meant some of you missed school today, because many schools are used as places to vote, called polling stations.

All of Europe votes in the elections to pick 736 members of the European Parliament, including 72 from the UK.

The results won't be known until Sunday, as elections in other countries take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Adam checks out the European Parliament

By the time the polls close on Sunday, people in 27 different countries will have made their choice.

Local elections too

But you'll start hearing about election results on Friday morning, as a number of local elections are taking place across England too.

Local councillors will be picked in 34 different areas across England.

Voters in Hartlepool, Doncaster and North Tyneside will be picking mayors too.