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Last Updated: Wednesday June 03 2009 16:20 GMT

Ricky tucks into 'hottest' curry


See how Ricky reacts to eating the super-hot curry

Where do you reckon the hottest food in the world is made? India, Thailand, Jamaica or maybe even Mexico?

But would you ever guess at Southend on Sea?

Well, one chef there says he's cooked up the spiciest curry in the world, so we sent Ricky along for a taste test...

"My mouth is still burning and the taste buds on my tongue are slowly starting to come back to life!

This morning, I headed to Southend in Essex to try what a restaurant is claiming to be the world's hottest curry.

To celebrate its 30th birthday, a Bangladeshi curry house has created a dish that's not for the faint-hearted...

Terrifying heat

Believe it or not, chilli peppers are measured on a scale for their hotness.

Naga chillis
Naga chillis are the hottest in the world!

Normal peppers, like the ones you have in a salad, rank at 0 - they aren't hot at all.

Jalepenos, which you might find in a burger, are really hot and rank up to 6,000 on the scale.

But the dish I was trying contained some of the hottest spices in the world, including the Naga chilli which is the world's hottest, ranking at a terrifying one million on the scale!!!

Korma fan

When the producer of Newsround told me I would be doing this story I started to panic.

I'm not the biggest curry fan, I prefer Kormas and curries that are not so hot. I think people in the Newsround office thought it would be funny to send me off to see how I reacted to it!

A chef cooking the super-hot curry
Just breathing in the fumes from the super-hot curry made Ricky cough

I spent the afternoon inside the Polash Restaurant, watching the chefs cooking up the spicy number.

While the ingredients were being cooked I started to choke up, the fumes from the chilli made me cough and I had to leave the kitchen.

Even the chefs have to wear special gloves so their hands don't come into direct contact with the powerful chilli. It's dangerous stuff!

After the dish was cooked and presented onto a plate, it was my turn to taste it...

As the trolley rolled out of the kitchen, destined for my table, my palms started to sweat and my heart started to beat very fast.

Curry recovery

Ricky looks a bit worried as he goes to try his first bite of the super-hot curry
Ricky looks a bit apprehensive about tucking into the curry

I had a glass of milk on stand-by. It might sound odd, but if you drink milk after eating something very hot it calms your taste buds down.

I couldn't put it off any longer. As I took one bite my throat started to react to the hot spices and I almost lost my voice.

At the same time, I was trying to talk into the camera to explain what the curry tasted like.

It was VERY hot and took me a while to recover.

The restaurant owners will be serving up this curry for over a week to celebrate their birthday - but I think if I ever return I'll stick to the Korma!"