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Last Updated: Wednesday June 03 2009 14:43 GMT

Government in trouble as MPs quit

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is facing tough times ahead as two of his most important MPs have left their jobs after the recent expenses row.

Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith are stepping down as cabinet ministers, although they're carrying on as MPs.

Now lots of politicians reckon Mr Brown should step down as Prime Minister too.

It's a big headache for him and things could get worse on Thursday, as people are expected to vote for other parties in the European and local elections.

Conservative leader David Cameron said the government was "collapsing before our eyes" and both he and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg think Gordon Brown should call a general election.

Hazel Blears
Hazel Blears is leaving her job in the cabinet

That would mean all the MPs in the country would have to stand for re-election.

It could mean the Labour party, who are currently in charge, would lose power.

But Gordon Brown says he's focusing on solving the problems with expenses and our economy and won't call an election.

Big trouble

Lots of MPs have been in trouble recently after a newspaper revealed how they were spending their expenses.

Expenses are extra money people can get on top of their pay to help them do their job properly.

But lots of people think some of the things some MPs have been claiming expenses for are wrong, and possibly against the law.