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Last Updated: Wednesday June 03 2009 10:55 GMT

Jellyfish appears in farm field


Check out a bigger pic of the jelly fish.

A 250m-long jellyfish has appeared in the middle of a field in Oxfordshire.

It's not a real creature far from home though, but a pattern created in a field on the farm.

Sally Ann Spence and husband Bill, who own Berry Croft Farm near Ashbury, say hundreds of visitors have been walking over their field to get a closer look.

But they're asking people to stop going to the farm to get a better view, as they're causing even more damage to the crops around the giant design.

Mrs Spence added that people get a much better view of the crop jellyfish from the air anyway.

The jellyfish may look impressive, but Mrs Spence said it had caused about £600 damage as the flattened crops were now useless.

Designs like these have often appeared in farm fields in recent years and are called crop circles.