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Last Updated: Tuesday June 02 2009 06:14 GMT

Meet the artist who'll be living in a museum

Anshuman Biswasv and Adam

Have you seen Night at the Museum 2 yet? It's riding high in the box office charts.

Later this month an artist is going to try it out for real at the Manchester Museum by living there for 40 nights! Adam has been investigating.

Artist Ansuman Biswas is going to be locked in the spooky tower of Manchester Museum for more than a month because he has been hired as its new hermit.

Throughout history hermits have been wise men who have lived in isolation without any luxuries so that they can spend all day thinking about things.

Dusty and dingy

He showed me round his new home - a dusty, dingy place that used to store artefacts but now is full of empty shelves.

Big heating pipes run along the walls. There is a bedroom and a kitchen downstairs. It all feels very Hogwarts.

Each day Manchester's hermit is going to look at a different object from the four-and-a-half million that are hidden away from public view in the museum's archive.

Peace and quiet

He told me: "Over the course of the 40 days and 40 nights, I'm going to pick one object each day, then I'm going to try and find the stories that are embedded in that object."

"It's going to be peaceful and quiet and I'm going to have a place to think and just be here. I'm getting paid to do nothing!"

He will only be allowed to communicate with the outside world through a blog and a webcam. He admits that he will really miss his two children.

Here are some of the topics that kids visiting the museum suggested that he should ponder: history, animals, dinosaurs, and world peace.

And has he seen Night at the Museum 2? "Yes! I went on a research trip. I thought it was great. And I am Ben Stiller!"