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Last Updated: Monday June 01 2009 05:51 GMT

Ricky checks out growing your own veg

Ricky with lettuce in a bucket and beans in a wellington boot!

Ricky finds out more about the grow your own veg scheme

Loads of you don't know much about when different fruits and vegetables are in season, according to a recent survey.

Now millions of seeds are being given away to get kids growing their own fruit and veg to find out more about what grows when.

Ricky's been checking it out...

"Do you know when different vegetables are in season? Well, lots of people were asked that very question in a recent survey and many young people thought most vegetables grew all year round.

But that isn't true, for example peas are in season in June and sweetcorn is ready in October.

Ricky with some seedlings
Ricky checks out seedlings being grown in a wok

Lots of supermarkets stock some of our favourite vegetables all of the time, because many of them import fruit and veg from different countries.

Some seasonal greens are grown all year round in this country too, inside special greenhouses using artificial light.

So with all these different vegetables constantly in front of us, in the shops and in our fridges, it's no surprise that many of us have forgotten when it's all in season.

Tasty and cheap

The National Trust charity is trying to get kids clued up by encouraging them to grown their own foods by giving away millions of free seeds.

Ricky with some of the child gardeners
Catching up with some of the new gardeners

They reckon if more children grow cucumbers, lettuces and tomatoes in their back gardens they will have a better understanding as to when it's all ready naturally.

Eating vegetables in season is meant to be better for the environment and better for your wallet. When greens are in season they taste their best and they're at their cheapest.

I went along to a growing workshop at Standen House in the South East of England to see the free seeds being handed out to loads of young kids.

Welly boot gardens

Some of the children I met were really excited about planting, growing and then eating their vegetables.

Free seeds!
Free seeds!

Gardeners at the Standen House were handing out pumpkin, lettuce and tomato seeds.

But don't worry if you don't have a garden because you can grow some greens in pretty much anything. I spotted a few runner beans growing in an old wellington boot and even some lettuce in a bucket!

The charity hopes more children will understand where their food comes from and appreciate home-grown produce.

So will you get digging? I think I might just give it a go.

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