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Last Updated: Saturday May 30 2009 11:26 GMT

Prince Harry goes to New York

Prince Harry in New York
Prince Harry lays a wreath to remember the victims of 9/11

Prince Harry is in America on his first official job in a foreign country.

He's visited Ground Zero in New York City- that's the place where two skyscrapers were attacked by terrorists on September 11th 2001.

He chatted with the families of some of the victims, and visited a garden which has been set up to remember the 67 British people who died.

During his two-day trip, the prince is also meeting soldiers who've been hurt fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Harry will also be having some fun on his visit. He'll play a special polo match to raise money for his own charity which looks after children in Africa.

But the one thing the prince probably won't be doing much partying. He's under strict instructions not to get up to anything naughty while he's in New York.