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Last Updated: Friday May 29 2009 14:37 GMT

Space station gets crowded

The International Space Station

You might think there's plenty of room up in space, but it's got a whole lot more crowded for the people on the International Space Station.

The number of people aboard the orbiting station has doubled from three to six as a new crew arrived on Friday.

They'll be aboard for six months, the first time the ISS has been home to so many people.

The team will be investigating how so many people cope with living in such a small space for so long.

The six ISS residents
The International Space Station
Belgium's Frank De Winne
Canada's Robert Thirsk
Russia's Roman Romanenko
Russia's Gennady Padalka
America's Michael Barratt
Japan's Koichi Wakata

After four months, Frank De Winne will take over as commander of the ISS from Gennedy Padalka.

This will be the first time a European has taken charge of the ISS in orbit.

Three of the crew will return home to Earth in October, when they'll probably be spending a lot of time outside after being cooped up for so long!