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Last Updated: Friday May 29 2009 15:39 GMT

I'm taking the FA Cup onto the pitch

Adam meets FA Cup mascot Nathan

Press Packer Nathan is a massive Everton fan.

And thanks to a competition he's in a very lucky position for their FA Cup final match on Saturday:

"When I heard I'd be going to Wembley as Everton's mascot I was really excited, because it sounded really good.

My uncle won it for me in a competition. I'm going to be walking onto the centre of the pitch alongside the FA Cup.

I'll be behind the guards, we'll go to the centre of the pitch, then come off, and then the match will start.

I feel quite nervous, but I'm excited. It's a little bit scary! All the people watching around the world - that's why I'm nervous and scared.

But I get to do a practice before the real thing.

When the FA Cup came to the school it was really funny because my Dad and my uncle turned up.

Really exciting

I got to wear my kit, the head teacher asked if I'd go up to the front of assembly and I got loads of pictures taken with it.

It was really exciting because all my friends, all the people I play with were there.

Seeing the FA Cup up close is really good - it has strange patterns all round it, with leaves on, and stuff.

I think Everton will win 1-0, or even penalties - because we beat Manchester United on penalties, and they won the league off Chelsea, we didn't!

It'll be a corner off Pienaar, or a cross off Pienaar and a header off Cahill.

Nathan is a massive fan

I'll be really happy if we win but the last time Everton won against Manchester United I got my foot stuck in the chair from celebrating too much - I couldn't get it out, I was jumping on my seat!

The game on Saturday is really important to Everton fans we haven't been to the final at Wembley for 14 years. It's going to be good and I'm getting to be a part of it.

My favourite Everton players are Tim Cahill, and Phil Jagielka, who plays in my position.

I've been to every FA Cup Game "

Nathan, 7, Liverpool

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