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Last Updated: Friday May 29 2009 06:56 GMT

New rubbish collector in Italy

Check out the Dustbot

It can be really annoying if you need chuck away some rubbish but there's no bin nearby!

In Tuscany, Italy, scientists have come up with a solution - Dustbot the robot!

All you have to do is text the rubbish hungry robot and it will use its special technology to find its way to you.

It gobbles the rubbish and takes it to the dump. It's hoped that this will make the streets of Tuscany a much cleaner bin-bag free place.

When Dustbot arrives you use a touch sensitive screen to open it. You can fill it with up to 40kg of rubbish.

Robot stats

The robot has everything built inside it. It has something called a gyroscope to help keep it upright, a GPS navigation system so it can find it's way around and sensors so it doesn't bump into people or get vandalised!

Cleaner streets

Dustbot is small and can get to places that rubbish trucks can't.

The fact that it comes to you at your convenience also means there aren't piles and piles of rubbish bags all over the streets!

Robot on street

Right now Dustbot is only in its early developmental stages - but interest from places like Japan means it could be patrolling streets in many parts of the world pretty soon.