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Last Updated: Thursday May 28 2009 14:31 GMT

I am a sweet taster

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Press Packer Harry taste tests new sweet ideas to see if they are any good. He tells us more about what he thinks makes a sweet treat:

"I've got the best job in the world - I'm a sweet taster!

My role is to develop new sweets and ideas for sweets.

My Nan saw an advert in the paper and as I love sweets I applied but I didn't expect to win!

In my application I had to write about my favourite sweet and explain how I think it could be improved.

My suggestion was that it could be made so it doesn't melt in your pocket.

And then I got a phone call one morning saying I had won. I was speechless!

Tasting new sweets

At the factory Harry got to handle the sweets and check out their texture
At the factory Harry got to handle the sweets and check out their texture.

I will officially be a sweet taster for a year and every three months the sweet company are going to send me some new prototypes in the post for me to try.

I should get my first parcel in a few weeks and I can't wait!

I have no idea what to expect and I am really looking forward to tasting brand new sweets. It is a real privilege.

When I test the new sweets I will give comments on their taste, aroma, flavour combination and packaging.

Factory visit

I have also been to the company's factory three times. It was great to go on a tour and see how they are made.

And when I filmed with Newsround I got to try a new flavour - strawberry and cola.

It is a combination I have never tried before - it was a bit different but surprisingly really good as the flavours complimented each other.

I thought it was a perfect combo!

I want new sweets to have completely new flavours and textures - not just things that are similar to current sweets.

It would be amazing to see some new sweets I've tasted in the shops!"

Harry, 12, Essex

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