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Last Updated: Thursday May 28 2009 10:18 GMT

Rucksack pouch for baby wallaby

Wallaby that is looked after by family in Scotland

A baby wallaby abandoned by its mother has got a new unusual pouch!

The seven-month old wallaby, called Willow, was seen bouncing around her enclosure at the farm attraction where she lives, searching for her mother.

Willow is now being cared for by manager Mollie Paterson and travels around in a rucksack stuffed with a pillow and a hot water bottle.

At night she sleeps in a baby's travel cot beside Mollie and her husband at their home in Ayr, Scotland.

Mollie said: "I have a little travel cot she goes into and she jumps around my house as well. At the moment she's on proper milk and she's starting to eat a bit of carrot and apples as well.

A kangaroo

"It's quite demanding sometimes. At the moment I'm feeding it every three or four hours and you need to carry her around."

Willow will stay with Mollie for her first year and then be released back to the main wallaby herd.

Mollie said she believed Willow to be the first wallaby in Scotland to be bought up by someone other than its mum.