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Last Updated: Wednesday May 27 2009 15:01 GMT

Pupils dance their way to Spain


Kids dance their way to Spain

A team of school children who took up salsa dance a year ago are representing the UK in an international dance competition in Spain.

The kids, from a primary school in east London, learned their nifty footwork in PE lessons.

They proved so good that six pupils will be taking part in International Dance Federation world championships in Barcelona this week.

Head teacher Christopher Mabey said: "It will be a fantastic opportunity."

"They are going to be competing with children from all over the world - we are very proud," he added.

Salsa dance, which comes from South America and the Caribbean, was introduced to the school because PE teacher Hayley Bloomfield thought it would be good for the kids' disciplne.

One pupil, Dylan, admits sometimes other pupils tease him for the bright pink shirt he has to wear to dance in.

"Afterwards I say 'that's all right, at least I'm going to go to a competition in Barcelona,'" he said.