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Last Updated: Wednesday May 27 2009 09:06 GMT

In pictures: Champions League final preparations

A fan with a football scarf

Fans are getting ready for the Champions League final in Rome, Italy on Wednesday. Defending champions Manchester United take on top Spanish side Barcelona.

Manchester United fans in Rome

Thousands of fans from both clubs are expected in Rome, and many of them will be hunting for tickets right until the match starts.

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome

This where the final will be played - the Stadio Olimpco in Rome, Italy.

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome

Both teams have already been training on the pitch inside the stadium. It'll probably have a few more people inside when the final kicks off at 7.45pm on Wednesday.

The match ball

The match ball is a special one for the final.

The journalists' view of the final

This is how some of the journalists at the game will be watching the final.

Cristiano Ronaldo

So will Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo be the key man again, after scoring in both the quarter-final against Porto and the semi-final with Arsenal?

Manchester United players in training

Or will another of United's stars be the player to make the difference? Many experts think Wayne Rooney could turn out to be United's key man.

Lionel Messi

But if Barcelona do win in Rome, it'll have a lot to do with this player - Lionel Messi. He, Samuel Eto'o and Thierry Henry have bagged 97 goals between them this season.

Thierry Henry

One of those top players, Thierry Henry, is well known to English football fans after starring for Arsenal for years. But will he be able to score against Manchester United again?