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Last Updated: Tuesday May 26 2009 10:37 GMT

In pictures: Cheese rolling race in Gloucestershire

Cheese chasing on Cooper's Hill

Why are these people all falling down a hill? To chase a 3.5kg wheel of cheese of course.

Lots of cheese chasers

Every year dozens of people gather at Cooper's Hill in Gloucester to race down the steep slope after cheese. The race goes back 200 years, but no-one knows how it began.

Spectators watch the race

The Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a 60m high slope, and can reach speeds of up to 70mph.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson won the first of seven races - his fifth victory in cheese chasing!

Michelle Kokiri

And this is Michelle Kokiri, who won the women's race. She came all the way from New Zealand and she bagged the cheese for her efforts.

A competitor falls

It's not all cheesy glory though - every year loads of people are hurt - so really don't try this at home!