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Last Updated: Tuesday May 26 2009 08:28 GMT

Girl writes book about diabetes


Fibi talks about her experience

A 14-year-old has written a book about diabetes after finding out that she had the condition.

Fibi was told she had Type 1 diabetes in January 2008 and struggled to find information about it.

So Fibi decided to write her own book, called No Added Sugar: Growing Up With Type 1 Diabetes which she hopes other children will find useful.

She said: "I've basically written the book that I would have liked to have read when I was diagnosed."

Type 1 diabetes is where you are unable to produce any insulin, a special hormone which converts food we eat into a kind of sugar called glucose, which gives us energy.

"I hope that what I've written will help other children and teenagers who are diagnosed with diabetes.

"I hope it will help them understand that having diabetes might be a big deal, but it's not the end of the world."

Fibi's book also contains advice on how to cope with the condition.