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Last Updated: Monday May 25 2009 10:23 GMT

Gavin checks out a climbing wall

Gavin checks out a climbing wall

Have you ever thought of climbing to keep fit and active?

One school in Perthshire in central Scotland has got its own climbing wall in the playground and Gavin's been to check it out.

"It's pretty rare to have a climbing wall in your school playground - but I guess it's one thing that would certainly keep you occupied during break times!

I went to visit a school in Falkirk that's been getting to grips with one. And the kids all seemed to really love it. I found it an ideal place to learn the basic skills of climbing.


Gavin on the climbing wall

This one was really colourful and had many sizes and shapes for the foot and hand holds. Everyone took in turns to have a go.

The idea is that you climb sideways rather than up it... And you don't need ropes or helmets for support because it's really low.

I was impressed at how fast the guys could get across - they clearly got some good tips from their coach called Scott, who was around to make sure they were using the correct technique. When it came to my go, I found it pretty difficult!

Makes you think

The wall is not only supposed to help with getting active and keeping fit - it also makes you use your brain to work out ways to scale it.

There are many games you can play with it - like climbing up and down through hoops for a bit more fun. Experts reckon that it could develop skills like problem-solving and maybe even make people more creative!"