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Last Updated: Saturday May 23 2009 17:09 GMT

UK worst at recycling electricals

Mobile phones

When it comes to recycling unwanted or broken computers, games consoles or mobile phones, the UK is the worst in Europe, according to new research.

A study found fewer than half the people living in the UK regularly recycled old electrical equipment, compared with more than 80% of Germans.

It's thought we generate enough electrical waste to fill Wembley Stadium six times over, every year!

One of the biggest problems is said to be a lack of awareness about recycling.

Within the UK, the Welsh came out worst in the study with 19% of people saying they'd never recycled technology, followed by those in the north west and north east of England.

Environmental expert Tony Juniper said governments in every country need to do more to make recycling electrical items as easy as recycling glass, paper and plastics.