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Last Updated: Saturday May 23 2009 11:18 GMT

Weather delays shuttle landing

Space shuttle Atlantis in space

Astronauts on the Atlantis shuttle are still waiting to return to Earth after one of Nasa's riskiest missions to re-fit the Hubble space telescope.

The 11-day mission went pretty smoothly until bad weather at Florida's Kennedy Space Centre on Friday forced officials to abandon two possible touchdowns.

Now fresh storms have disrupted their homecoming for the second day in a row.

The astronauts have been told to take another spin around the world as other touchdown attempts are considered.

Bad weather at Florida's Kennedy Space Centre
Bad weather in Florida is delaying the shuttle's homecoming

The shuttle has enough supplies to stay in orbit until Monday if necessary.

The fifth and final mission to fix and improve parts of the Hubble telescope has been dubbed a great success.

The telescope has been in orbit for 20 years, helping us learn about the way the Universe works by showing far-off stars and fantastic sights.

After the latest work carried out by astronauts, scientists say it will now be able to see even further into space.