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Last Updated: Saturday May 23 2009 16:20 GMT

Boy's youngest to kayak to France

The brothers in training before attempting their kayaking challenge

A 13-year-old boy has paddled his way into the record books by becoming the youngest person to kayak across the English Channel.

Christian Hosie, and his 19-year-old brother Wesley from Somerset, completed the 25-mile crossing on Saturday, in five hours and 53 minutes.

They left Dover at 9.01am, arriving near Calais in France at 2.59pm.

As well as setting a new record, the pair have raised more than £5,000 for the Children with Leukaemia charity.

Afterwards, Christian said: "It was tiring. I didn't think it would be so long.

"The conditions were really good, it was flat apart from when there were swells from the ferries."

Dad Bill added: "We are extremely pleased - both boys are absolutely glowing."