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Last Updated: Friday May 22 2009 10:45 GMT

Quiz: Maths

A calculator

Question 1

What's an angle that's more than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees, called?

A: Acute
B: Obtuse
C: Difficult

Question 2

Equilateral and Isosceles are types of which shape?

A: Square
B: Circle
C: Triangle

Question 3

What's the next number in this pattern - 2,5,8,11,?

A: 13
B: 14
C: 15

Question 4

If Jessica Jane was 9 on her birthday in 2008, how old will she be on her birthday in 2015?

A: 16
B: 17
C: 18

Question 5

How many sides does a heptagon have?

A: 5
B: 6
C: 7

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