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Last Updated: Friday May 22 2009 10:39 GMT

Quiz: Scottish Premier League

Celtic vs Rangers

Question 1

How many clubs play in the Scottish Premier League?

A: 8
B: 12
C: 20

Question 2

Which of these clubs DOESN'T have an animal on its crest?

A: Dundee United
B: Rangers
C: Motherwell

Question 3

Which team has been the champion of Scotland more than any other?

A: Rangers
B: St Mirren
C: Kilmarnock

Question 4

There were two champions in the first season of the SPL, way back in 1891.

A: True
B: False

Question 5

What was unusual about Tore Andre Flo joining Rangers from Chelsea in 2000?

A: He was the oldest player to be transfered into the SPL
B: He'd been transfered more than anybody else in the SPL
C: He was the most expensive player to be transfered into the SPL

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