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Last Updated: Wednesday May 20 2009 14:37 GMT

Parents joining kids for lessons

Parents join kids' school to learn

When you're at school you probably don't expect to bump into your mum or dad unless you've been naughty.

But at one school in Belfast in Northern Ireland, it's not just the kids who are having lessons, some of the parents are too!

Lots of them didn't like school first time round, so they're making the most of getting a second chance at learning.

They have their own classroom and spend breaks away from their kids so everyone still gets time with their own mates.

So far, it's been a big success.

The parents say it's nice to see their kids in the corridors and it's useful to learn things in the same way.

One dad said: "It means when they do come in from school with homework I can jump in and help a wee bit."

The children seem pretty keen too, although one boy admitted to being embarrassed if his mum speaks to him when he's with his mates.

"You don't say 'Hi' back because you're with your friends," he said.