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Last Updated: Wednesday May 20 2009 14:20 GMT

Newsround Accessible Newsreader

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Children using the Newsreader

Newsround's Accessible Newsreader

The Accessible Newsreader is a service designed to make our Newsround stories available to children who may need a simpler way of using a computer.

This includes people who are not able to use a keyboard or mouse and rely on Switch technology, and people who might find simpler menus easier to use, or who might need text to be spoken out for them.

What is Switch technology?

Many people have disabilities which prevent them from using computers with a keyboard or mouse.

Computers can be especially valuable in these situations for things like learning, games and communication, as these could be very hard to do by other means.

Switch technology helps with this by connecting up one or more devices such as large buttons or motion sensors to keys on the keyboard.

This website works by moving a coloured outline around the different menu options every few seconds, so when the outline is over the right menu option, the enter key on the keyboard is pressed and the option is chosen.

Your feedback

We are still working on the newsreader and have a few new features planned, so we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!