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Last Updated: Wednesday May 20 2009 12:37 GMT

In pictures: Jonas Brothers' waxworks on show

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are set to give fans a treat as they arrive in the UK for a two week stay... with a twist.

The Jonas Brothers waxworks

After the real brothers left the UK last week, it's their wax figures who are attracting the crowds - they've been borrowed from New York until the end of the month.

The Jonas Brothers with Zac Efron

Here's the boys in real-life with Zac Efron. Their waxworks will be appearing alongside each other as part of a new teen idol attraction at Madame Tussauds in London.

The Jonas Brothers waxworks

Kevin, Joe and Nick's wax figures are posed mid-concert with their Gibson guitars, but is it just us or does Nick look like he needs the loo?

A fan kissing the waxwork of Joe Jonas

Their fans don't seem to care. This girl looks pretty pleased to be able to get so close to the model of her favourite Jonas brother, Joe.