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Last Updated: Wednesday May 20 2009 11:22 GMT

Man rescues ducklings from ledge

A man catches ducklings

Ore reports on the hero who saved the ducklings from danger

A family of ducks in America have a man to thank for their survival after he saved them from a perilous plunge.

A duck built her nest outside Joel Armstrong's office window, and after they hatched she set off for water.

But the ducklings weren't too sure about following her down, until Joel went to wait under the roof.

As soon as he was in position the ducklings started leaping and after showing off some pretty impressive catching skills, they were all safe.

Ducks in Spokane, America
The ducks had to search for water

That wasn't the end of the tale though, as the ducks still needed a helping hand finding their way to the nearest river.

Thankfully Joel knew where that was too, and was able to guide the new arrivals - and their mum - to the water.

It may look a little fortunate that Joel knew what to do, but he saw the same thing happen 12 months earlier, so was well prepared to come to the rescue.