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Last Updated: Tuesday May 19 2009 13:29 GMT

Amazing lucky escape for skydiver

Watch the amazing skydive

Just another day of filming skydivers take the plunge turned into a hairy experience for skydiving cameraman James Boole.

As he jumped out of a plane at 6,000ft in Russia, he was supposed to receive a signal to release his parachute.

But the signal came too late. So James went spiralling towards the ground. Luckily he managed to survive the crash - landing on snow covered rocks.

James broke his back and a rib, bruised a lung and chipped some of his teeth.

James, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, has been filming skydives for more than 10 years and has done more than 2,500 jumps so he realises how lucky he is to be alive.

''Looking at the video now, you really see it was just a fraction of a second. If I'd hit in any other position at that speed, I'd be dead. "

He's now recovering at home, but has to wear a special body brace.