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Last Updated: Saturday May 23 2009 09:07 GMT

I got to make art with a well-known artist

Loulou with the major of Knutsford

Press Packer Loulou got to create her own piece of artwork with the help of a well-known local artist.

Here she tells us what happened:

"My class and I went to visit the artist Patricia Lee and some of her friends from at Knutsford Moor, one of the largest areas of fen and reed in Cheshire.

We went to the moor and we sketched what we saw and noted down what we heard.

A man from Cheshire Wildlife Trust told us about what we might find on the moor. Patricia came to our class and gave us loads of information to help us design a mosaic Fat Bird which is like the art that she makes.

Mosaic making

Loulou with Patricia's bird and her own mosaic
Loulou with Patricia's bird and her own mosaic

We got information about the mosaic tiles and the adhesive and the grout you need to use to make a Fat Bird and how to cut the tiles safely.

We had to wear safety goggles all the time, even if we weren't using the cutters to make sure we were safe from small pieces of glass.

The next day, we stuck our mosaic tiles onto a big stone tile.

Using imagination

I really liked that we could make up our own thing. It didn't have to be a normal bird with dull colours but we could use our imagination to create something special.

I designed a bird called the Helpful Hider. He lives in the bin and eats all the litter that people throw on the floor.

He doesn't really like being seen but seen but sometimes children can see him because he's so colourful."

Loulou, seven, Cheshire, England

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