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Last Updated: Monday May 18 2009 12:21 GMT

The cat that climbs walls!


For most cats being stuck outside would probably be the stuff of feline nightmares - but for daredevil cat Charlie, it's no problem!

That's because the fluffy animal can climb right up the walls of his home to get in via the roof if no-one hears him at the front door.

His antics have earned him the nickname Spidercat.

The seven-year-old is now a local celebrity among his neighbours in Denny near Falkirk, Scotland.

Charlie's owner Hannah said: "Charlie miaows at the front door to be let out.

Charlie with her owner Hannah Smith
Charlie with owner Hannah

"So we let him out but no sooner is he let out than he wants back in.

"I think it is totally incredible how Charlie is able to climb up a roughcast wall. I've seen cats climb trees but I've never seen a cat climb a wall. It's amazing. "