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Last Updated: Monday May 18 2009 05:46 GMT

Bear Grylls named new Chief Scout

Sonali grills new Chief Scout Bear Grylls

Adventurer Bear Grylls has taken on another big challenge - he's been named the new Chief Scout.

Bear will be the leader of the Scouts for the next five years and is the youngest person ever to be the movement's Chief Scout.

Bear said: "I have always loved helping young people live their dreams and to taste real adventure - as well as getting caked in mud!"

Bear takes over from former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan as Chief Scout.

And although it may sound a little strange, one of his biggest tasks will be to encourage more adults to get involved in Scouting.

Bear eats elephant poo
So why did Bear eat poo? Don't worry, it's not something he does for fun it's a survival technique. It's only as a last resort, but if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no other water source, you can drink the fluid from fresh animal dung!"

Scouting UK says thousands of children still want to join a pack, but there aren't enough leaders to look after them.

Volunteers needed

Bear said: "The young people in this country need them like never before, and we have more people wanting to join than there are places available.

"But by volunteering, adults can actively make a difference to young people's lives in their community, and there is no better way to be part of an adventure and have loads of fun, than with the Scouts."