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Last Updated: Saturday May 16 2009 12:19 GMT

Schools switching to clip-on ties

Children wearing ties in school

Lots of schools across the UK are making things a bit easier for pupils - by getting rid of knotted ties.

It seems a lot of schools are bringing in clip-on ones instead because they think it's safer for children.

Clip-ons should come off if the tie gets stuck in anything, or if kids try to use them to bully other children.

The Schoolwear Association, who speak for the companies that work to make your uniforms, says 10 schools a week in the UK are switching tie types.

Clip-on ties are also harder for pupils to personalise, by using things like big knots, wearing the thin side at the front, or wearing your tie extra short.

And it's not just ties that are changing, according to the association.

They say a lot of schools are introducing houses, with ties and polo shirts in house colours becoming more popular.