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Last Updated: Friday May 22 2009 15:38 GMT

David Beckham answers YOUR questions

David Beckham chats to Sportsround

Sportsround have been chatting with football legend David Beckham!

Ore went to meet him and ask a selection of the questions you sent in for the England and AC Milan player.

Here's what he had to say...

England are going for the world cup bid for 2018 and 2022. How much does it mean to be a part of this?

It's very special, and to know the inspiration that it will bring to so many kids that are growing up at the age of 10 or 11.

Knowing the fact that some of them can actually be playing in the 2018 World Cup, in their own country, it's something that kids can look forward to.

Not too long ago, England were 12th in the world rankings, now they're unbeaten in the World Cup qualifiers. How much is that down to Fabio Capello?

It's hugely down to him. He's come in and put the seriousness back in the squad.

The team go onto the field now and they're confident about beating teams, whether it be at Wembley or in different countries when we play away from home.

What do you think of the possibility that someone like Theo Walcott is maybe keeping you out of the first team?

Theo Walcott
Theo Walcott

I think it's great that we've got talented players coming through.

I've been lucky enough to have played for my country for 13 years - 110 caps - so it's something I'm proud of, but it's also something I'm proud of that we've got good young players coming through.

How do you feel when you see Manchester United winning the trophy?

I love it, because I had so many great years at Manchester United and so many successful years.

I've been a United fan since I was five, six years old, my dad's a United fan and there's no way I'm going to change just because I've played for some other teams and some other clubs.

We know Sir Alex Ferguson is a good manager, but just how good is he?

He's the best. He's the best manager in football.

[He's the] best manager I've worked under, best manager that I've experienced playing under and the way he was to me and the young players that he brought through. He's exceptional.

You're an LA Galaxy player and an AC Milan player right now. How does that work?

David Beckham
Becks in his Milan kit

It's working pretty well so far. At the moment I'm on loan still, until the end of the season, with Milan.

After the season, then I'll go back to LA to finish the season off there, enjoy my time there, and then I'll be hopefully coming back and playing for Milan again and hopefully given my chance to be involved in the World Cup.

How's your Italian?

I get by. It's important that I adapt to the culture. I did that in Spain, I'm trying to do that in Italy, but I'm quite shy so it's still a learning curve for me.

It's reported you did pay some of it your way so you could make this move.

I had to sacrifice certain things to be in Milan for the rest of the season and it's something that didn't even cross my mind, because I wanted to play at that level and I wanted to stay at Milan for the rest of the season.

So it was important for myself to do what I had to do.

It must be hard to be in Milan and know that the family is still back in America

It's really hard that part of it, but I speak to them every day before they go to school, I speak to them when they get home from school, I speak to them on the computer.

I do everything possible to show them how much I'm missing them.

Which is the nicest city you've been in?

David Beckham talking to Sportsround
Some of your questions put a smile on Becks' face

There's not one that I could say is better than the others, they've all got their different qualities.

For me, of course, Manchester will always feel like home.

I'm a London boy and London's always my home, but I moved to Manchester, I lived in Manchester for 13 years, so I consider that home as well to me.

But I've been very lucky to live in so many great cities.

Is it hard putting up with all the fame and the paparazzi?

Yes, it's difficult at times. I've always said I'll never complain about my life, but we had an experience yesterday where three paparazzi just jumped on the boot of my car and scratched it and dented it.

Penalty Shoot out - Quick fire questions

David Beckham with Wayne Rooney
David Beckham and Wayne Rooney

Pasta or Burgers?


Fame or Fortune?

A bit of both!

Worst habit?

My insistence on everything being so tidy

Best player in the England squad?

Wayne Rooney

Old Wembley or new Wembley?

Old because of the historic nature behind it, but new Wembley because it's going to have a lot of historic moments in the future!