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Last Updated: Thursday May 14 2009 13:47 GMT

We keep wallabies in our garden

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Press Packers Alec, Josh and Isabella are some of the only people in the UK to have wallabies in their back garden.

Here's their story:

"Having wallabies is really fun, because when they hop around they look really cute. They sleep most of the day, and only come out in the evening to feed.

Their favourite foods are cabbage and special kangaroo nuts.

Alec, Isabella and Josh
Alec, Isabella and Josh

We got them about six months ago. They're originally from Australia, but our wallabies were born in England.

When we told my friends at school that we were getting wallabies they didn't believe me at first, but then they were really excited.

The wallabies live in our garden and need loads of room to hop around in. We had to build a really high fence so they don't jump away.

Really friendly

Our rabbit Hazel also lives in the garden - and now he thinks he is wallaby too!

One of Josh's wallabies
One of our wallabies hopping off

You can't go and stroke them because they're really timid. The best thing is seeing them feeding and watching them hop around.

They're really friendly but sometimes we can see them play-fighting - it doesn't hurt them though.

We've already got three male wallabies, and we would like to get some female wallabies too. "

Alec, 13, Josh, 8, and Isabella, 6, Kent

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