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Last Updated: Monday May 18 2009 14:51 GMT

Backstage at Harry Potter filming

The security guard

Press Packer Molly got to go film set of Harry Potter near her home town in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This was the security man who gave her her special pass.

Molly in make-up

Molly got to sit in the make-up chair where Daniel Radcliff or Emma Watson might have sat... how exciting!

Dobby's trailer

Even Dobby had his own trailer!

Blowing sand

The set dressers blow the sand to get rid of footsteps, even though the wind was doing a good job of this anyway!

Molly behind the scenes

Molly said she had no idea how many trailers and vans would be needed for a film, they were everywhere!

Shell cottage

Shell Cottage - used by Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the book to plan their break-in to Gringotts bank - took four weeks to put up, and will be taken down when filming is finished.