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Last Updated: Monday May 18 2009 14:50 GMT

Behind the scenes of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Press Packer Molly's report

Press Packer Molly lives close to where part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was being filmed, and she got to go behind the scenes.

Here is Molly's story:

"When I arrived at the Harry Potter set I was really excited. I was given a pass that said HP7 so that the security guards would know I was allowed to be there, because they are really careful who they let in.

The area behind the set was called Unit Base and it was where all the actors had their trailers and where the canteen and loads of other trucks were.

We went and had a cup of tea first and there were loads of the crew having breakfast, there were all sorts of food from hot food to muesli.

Walking around Unit Base was really good, I saw where Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson had their trailers and they looked really nice.

Molly with the trailers
Molly with the trailers

I also caught a glimpse of some of the actors as they were going to make up, I saw Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson and Ivana Lynch both waved at me!

I talked to the Location Manager and she told me her job was to find the best place to film different parts of the film. She said she had looked all over the country to find a beach to film the scenes and I was really proud they chose Pembrokshire.

I also spoke to the Producers of the film David Heyman and David Barron they were really nice and they told me that they loved working on Harry Potter because the stories were so good.

The most exciting bit of the day was when we got to go down to the set. They had built a beautiful house made of shells called Shell Cottage.

Potter producers chat to Newsround

It looked like it was really old and had 1600 shells on the roof that had all been put on by hand. There were people called set dressers working on the set and they were raking the sand and using blowers to make it look like no one had walked around the house.

It's really weird to think that when they finish filming the whole house will be taken down and the beach will be exactly as it was before."

Molly, 10, Pembrokeshire, Wales

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