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Last Updated: Thursday May 14 2009 12:56 GMT

Quiz: Jonas Brothers

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas

Question 1

OK, here's an easy one to start with - what are the brothers' names?

A: Kevin, Rick and Moe
B: Kevin, Nick and Joe
C: Kevin, Mick and Beau

Question 2

What was their debut album called?

A: Jonas Brothers
B: A Little Bit Longer
C: It's About Time

Question 3

The song Fly With Me plays over the end credits of which family film?

A: Race To Witch Mountain
B: Marley and Me
C: Night At The Museum 2

Question 4

The boys' younger brother Frankie is in his own band, but what's it called?

A: Drop/Slap
B: Lift/Hit
C: Swirl/Swipe

Question 5

Which female singer starred with the brothers in Camp Rock?

A: Miley Cyrus
B: Demi Lovato
C: Taylor Swift

Question 6

Where did they grow up?

A: New Jersey
B: California
C: New York

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