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Last Updated: Thursday May 14 2009 06:16 GMT

Adam investigates bugs on your mobiles

Dr Hilton showing pupils the results of tests on their mobile phones

Finding out if the bugs on your mobiles are harmful

Earlier this year, a report said doctors and nurses in hospitals could be carrying dangerous bugs on their mobiles phones.

Adam went to a school in Birmingham to find out if the rest of us should be worried...

"Twenty-four hours before I arrived in Birmingham, Dr Anthony Hilton from Aston University had swabbed the mobile phones of six girls to check how much bacteria was on the handsets.

He put the samples into some dishes filled with pink gel to see how many bugs would grow overnight.

The white blobs in the gel are clumps of bacteria from pupils' mobiles
The white blobs are clumps of bacteria found on pupils' phones

When the results came back, most of dishes contained big white spots - clumps of bacteria!

Sonia saw her results first. "I never thought I would have that many germs on my phone. When I saw it I was shocked!" she said.

'Not harmful'

Aneesa uses her phone rarely and so her sample came back quite clean.

She said: "Because I take a lot of care of my phone, it's a lot cleaner that other people's. It's just the kind of person I am."

The good news was that none of the bacteria proved to be harmful. Your phone is probably just as safe.

Adam's about to have his mobile tested to see how dirty it is

Will Adam get a shock when he finds out how dirty his phone is?

But Dr Hilton says it is worth wiping down your phone regularly and you should always wash your hands after trips to the toilet.

"You use your mobile all the time and then if you go on to eat food - like a sandwich for example - after making a phone call then your hands could be contaminated and you could make yourself ill," he said.

We then used a special piece of kit to measure how much dirt was on my phone.

All I'll say is that I'm definitely getting some disinfectant wipes!"