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Last Updated: Wednesday May 13 2009 14:34 GMT

More teams threaten to quit F1

Renault F1 car

Another Formula One team has threatened to quit the 2010 world championship unless proposed new rules are scrapped.

Renault is joining forces with Ferarri, Toyota and Red Bull who've already said they'll drop out of the sport unless F1 bosses bin the new team budget cap.

The new rule will stop teams spending more than £40m a season on their cars to try to make the sport more open to new teams who have less cash.

But some existing teams say it won't be fair as there'll be two sets of rules.

Teams who agree to the lower limit for 2010 will compete under a different set of rules, which allow them more freedom about how they design and build their cars.

What's going on?
A Formula One car in action

Some of the big teams are worried that will split Formula One into two levels - those that can live with the limit and make the most of the technical advantages and those that cannot.

So far, five teams have said they won't race next season if the new rules go ahead.

The man in charge of Formula One, Max Mosely is now under a lot of pressure to review the changes.

But there's not much time to do it - entries for the new season open on 22 May for just seven days, so unless the row is resolved soon lots of big name teams could be missing from the starting grid in 2010.