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Last Updated: Monday May 11 2009 12:15 GMT

PM sorry over politician payments

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that he's sorry about how much money some politicians have been spending on themselves.

There's been more news out about how MPs have been using the country's cash, with some buying things like light bulbs, a lawnmower and even dog food!

MPs are allowed to ask for money for things that help them do their job.

But a newspaper has printed claims that they've been splashing out on loads of extra stuff too.

Lots of MPs from different political parties have come under fire, since details of their expenses were printed in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

MPs' expense claims
Dog food
Light bulbs
Tennis court repairs
Plastic bag

All the cash that MPs have been spending comes from people who pay taxes, like your parents.

It's claimed one politician spent money getting in workmen to change some light bulbs in his house, while another got thousands of pounds to repair his tennis court.

They haven't done anything against the law, but now it looks like the rules are going to change to stop this sort of thing happening again.