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Last Updated: Monday May 11 2009 08:21 GMT

Ape escapes, then 'changes mind'

Karta makes herself at home in her enclosure again

An orangutan made a bid for freedom from an Australian zoo, only to change her mind and go back!

Vistors were amazed as they watched 27-year-old Karta break an electric fence with a branch before clambering over.

She even started piling up rubbish to get over another wall at Adelaide Zoo, but then seemed to decide against it and went back to her enclosure.

It's not the first time Karta's caused trouble for her keepers, who say she's "highly intelligent".

Zoo curator Peter Whitehead said: "We've had issues with her before in normal day-to-day operations where she tries to outsmart the keepers.

A baby orangutan
The name orangutan means person of the forest
They are the largest tree-living mammals
They eat insects, leaves, bark, flowers and fruit.

"She's an ingenious animal," he added.

When keepers realised what Karta was up to, the zoo was evacuated and cleared for the day, but most visitors seemed more excited then flustered by the drama.

Ryan, 11, who witnessed Karta's escape attempt, said: "It was amazing how she did it, because she actually got a plant, pulled it over the electric fence and then got over."