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Last Updated: Friday May 08 2009 15:18 GMT

Big row over politician payments

Newsround's Sonali

Sonali looks into MPs' money

Top politicians are getting loads of stick for the way they're spending the country's money on themselves.

MPs are allowed to ask for cash for things that help them do their job, like train tickets or lunch which are called expenses.

But what's got people angry is that the money politicians are using comes from from people, like your mum and dad, who pay tax.

It turns out some MPs have been getting toilets fixed or paying for cleaners.

The details were leaked in a newspaper.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted this system isn't working and that big changes need to be made to it.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the expenses system isn't working

The Daily Telegraph newspaper has said it has information about other politicians too, and will print them soon.

Two homes for MPs

A big part of the problem is that most politicians live in two places.

They have to spend a lot of the week in London where Parliament is, but also spend time in the part of the country that voted for them. That can be hundreds of miles from London.

MPs can choose which of the two homes is their main one, and are allowed to spend expenses money to keep the other one in a state they can live in.

But it seems that some of the things they've been buying aren't quite as essential as they should be.