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Last Updated: Friday May 15 2009 16:46 GMT

It's my week of Sats!

Press Packer Naomi

It's Sats week and like thousands of you in England, Press Packer Naomi will be taking tests throughout this time.

So she's writing a diary for Newsround about how she gets on.

Sats - day 5

"I was really excited this morning as it was my last Sats and I knew what to expect as we've been doing them all week.

We had Maths B - with a calculator - and it went OK, it wasn't as hard as it could have been.

When we finished I was really really really happy. When the other Year 6 class finished we all started cheering - and we kept cheering all day.

As a special surprise we all went up to the park where we could play on the swings.

Now the Sats are over I would tell other kids not to stress too much about them.

You might feel a bit under pressure before they start, but when you get to do the exams they are actually not that bad, so they're really not worth getting upset over.

And now I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend and our school trip to France!"

Sats - day 4

"Only one more Sat left!

The week has gone pretty fast and I'm getting excited that it's nearly finished.

Today we had two maths tests, and I was feeling quite relaxed about them as it's one of my best subjects.

The first one was going really well until the last two questions. They were really confusing. I found out later that I definitely got one of them wrong but I'm not too disappointed.

The second test was hard but I'm pleased about how it went.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. Just Maths B then it's all over."

Sats - day 3

"It was the Reading Test today, and out of all the Sats I was looking forward to this one as my mock tests had gone well.

We all sat down at our desks and I started reading the booklet.

The first section seemed quite straightforward.

But I started worrying a bit when I read the second part because it was really wordy and a bit confusing.

Good practice

With 10 minutes left I still had 10 questions to go. I just about finished, but didn't have time to check my answers.

Naomi watches a bit of TV to relax

Chatting to my friends afterwards, I found quite a few of them had run out of time too.

Next we had a mock Maths test to give us some practice for tomorrow. I got full marks which was good for my confidence.

More sport now - this time swimming! It's a great way to get rid of all the stress."

Sats - day 2

"It was the second day of my Sats so I knew what to expect, but I was still feeling pretty nervous.

Today was set to be a hard day - writing and spelling.

In the first Sat we had to write about an imaginary situation. We'd had practice tests which were fine and this one went better than I expected.

I wrote a lot about what was going on and what the atmosphere was like, and I left enough time to check it at the end.

After that was over I played outside with my friends and discussed how it had gone. It sounded like everyone had found it OK.


Next up - Spelling. This one was tricky as there were lots of unusual words. But it went well and I'd give it seven out of 10.

Last one today was the Long Writing Sat, which was fine and I actually found quite interesting.

At the end of the day I played some more sport. I find it refreshes my head and stops me thinking about tomorrow's tests!

I'm glad half my Sats are over now, but I can't wait until the end of the week!"

Sats - day 1

"I was feeling a bit nervous about my first day of Sats but I slept well and was feeling OK at breakfast.

I got to school and had 10 minutes to chat to my friends before the first test started - I found out they were as nervous as me!

The first one was Science A. Once it started I stopped feeling worried and started to concentrate on getting my answers down.

The first question was really difficult. I had to skip that one but I came back to it and answered it at the end.

After the test finished we had 15 minutes break before Science B. I played games with my friends so we could try to take our minds off the work.

Overall I think Science A went the better of the two.


I'm now off to play an hour of cricket, then an hour of netball.

After that I think I'll do a bit of work for tomorrow's tests, which are writing and spelling and not my favourite subjects!

I'm very relieved to get the first day of Sats over!"

Sats - the day before

"It's my first Sats tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit nervous but also I am feeling excited because once the Sats are over we are going away on a Year 6 trip to France!!

We have done lots of revision at school in literacy, science and maths so I think the tests should hopefully go OK.

My favourite subject of the three is maths. That's because in literacy you have to get your spelling right and some science can be confusing, so that only leaves maths!

Science is my least favourite - and that's tomorrow. We've got two tests in the morning.

I haven't spent the day getting stressed though. Instead I've done a 5km charity run, went to a school fete and my friend Gregory's party. A very fun day!

My teachers have told us to get lots of rest and not to worry but to do your best, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to have a nice bath and go to bed early so I feel fresh tomorrow..."

Naomi, 11, Hertfordshire

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