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Last Updated: Friday May 08 2009 05:58 GMT

UK 'behind' on child road safety

Speed limit sign

Too many children are being killed on Britain's roads according to the latest research for the government.

The UK was found to be one of the world's safest countries when it comes to the number of walkers and cyclists who die on our roads every year.

But it falls behind on tackling road safety for you, coming seventh worst out of 24 developed countries for the number of children who die on the road.

The government says it's cut child road deaths by half since the 1990s.

And it's working hard to make our roads safer for walkers and cyclists.

It said there had been a 57% drop in the number of children being killed on Britain's roads since the 1990s, and it's set itself the target of halving that number again by 2020.