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Last Updated: Thursday May 07 2009 15:13 GMT

Warning to keep out of tan salons

Maddy meets a girl who was badly burnt in the sun

A girl has warned children to stay away from tanning salons after she was burnt badly when using one.

Kelly told Newsround that she damaged her skin so badly when she used a tanning salon that she's been told to stay out of the sun for 10 years.

There was a sign on the door of the salon that said children shouldn't use it, but no staff work in the salon to make sure kids obey the rule.

Kelly used the sun bed for 16 minutes and had to go to hospital.

Kelly, from Port Talbot, Wales, explained why she used the salon: "I thought I would go really, really brown, but I didn't, I went really red.

The tanning salon Kelly used
The tanning salon Kelly used

"And now I'm not allowed to go in the sun for 10 years and if I do I could get skin cancer."

Kelly's mum had given her some money to go to a local fair, but when Kelly got there it was closed.

So she took her money and spent it in the salon instead.

Now Kelly has learnt her lesson, and hopes other children won't have to.

Doctor's tips for sun safety

She said: "I would like the suntan places to be shut down, because if a seven-year-old or a six-year-old goes on there longer than me, they would have to have a skin graft and it will be really painful."

No comment

Newsound did ask the people who run the tanning salon to speak to us about this story, but they didn't want to.

There are no laws on how old someone has to be to use a sunbed, but from September in Scotland no-one younger than 18 will be allowed to use one.