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Last Updated: Sunday May 10 2009 08:50 GMT

I support the RSPCA

Harry looking at wildlife

Press Packer Harry, nine , was impressed when the RSPCA - the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - looked after a baby rabbit that he found. He became a member to learn more about animals.

Here is Harry's story:

"I've always known about the RSPCA and the good work they do. One day I found an injured baby rabbit which had been attacked, I knew straight away where to take it - Mallydams Wood.

They nursed it back to health. I saw how much love and care they have for animals so from that day I became a member.

Discovering animals

The staff at Mallydams have shown me loads of different animals, big and small, and have taught me and other children a lot.

We all go to events teaching us how to love and respect our animals and wildlife. I have learnt a lot and learn more each time I go there.

Harry with a sticker on his hand
Harry learning about how animals use smell, with a sticker on his hand

We went on a woodland walk and spotted frogs, a badger, hedgehogs, an owl, fox, squirrels, rabbit, woodpecker and a beaver.

We learnt about their camouflage and how they hide in the wood. We also learnt that smells are really important for wildlife by smelling stickers on our hands and trying to tell who had the same smell.

The staff are lovely and let me see some of the animals they are looking after.

Pocket money

I used to spend my pocket money on toys and sweets, but now I give it to the RSPCA because the animals need it more. The money I give helps the wild animals get well and put back into the wild when they're all better.

I love animals so much and when I grow up I want to work at Mallydams Wood RSPCA."

Harry, nine, Hastings, East Sussex

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