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Last Updated: Wednesday May 06 2009 14:31 GMT

In pictures: Armed forces dolls ready for launch

Army doll

The British military is targeting toy success as its next mission. Nine different armed forces dolls, including this one, are to hit the shops on Friday.

Army doll next to box

There are nine different dolls to start with - three for the Army, three for the Air Force and three for the Navy.

Soldier with doll

The models have been based on real people. Here's Flight Lieutenant Jonathan Smith with his (slightly shorter) plastic equivalent.

Gavin with a pilot

And here's Gavin meeting him to find out more about the dolls and what the soldiers think of them.

Doll in the box

Like other toys, the dolls come in boxes with special accessories, like this canoe.

Winchman Ed Griffiths

Gavin also met up with RAF winchman Ed Griffiths.

Female soldier with her doll

Flight Lieutenant Louise Buxton, a member of the Royal Air Force Falcons Parachute Display Team, with her doll.

An army toy soldier

Because the military have been involved in making the toys they've been able to make them as true to life as possible.

A tank

It isn't just the soldiers that are turning into toys though. This tank (the small one on top of the bigger one!) is another part of the new range.