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Last Updated: Thursday May 07 2009 06:01 GMT

My Strictly Come Dancing lesson

Karen Hardy with pupils
Karen Hardy with pupils

Press Packer Renee thought ballroom dancing would be boring, until Karen from Strictly Come Dancing came to her school to teach her.

Here's Renee's story:

"Our school organised an Anzac Tea Dance on Friday 24 April, to remember Anzac Day and those who fought and died in the war.

Anzac stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army Corps and is a day when people remember those who died in World War 1.

Before our tea dance, our school was picked to have a special dance lesson with Karen Hardy because she is a really good dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. She is very lively and enjoyable to watch.

My favourite part of the day was doing the salsa, as it was really fun and lively and exciting moving about.

Great opportunity

As we hadn't done this type of dancing before I thought it was a great opportunity for everyone who participated.

Renee with her dance partner
Renee with her dance partner

I will definitely try ballroom dancing again in the future.

I think ballroom dancing is really fun and more younger children should get involved as I think they will enjoy it as much as we did.

Dancing with a partner

Another thing I enjoyed about the dance lesson is that we learned ballroom dancing with a partner, which I didn't know how to do before.

I also learned where some dances originally came from and we found out a bit more about Karen's experience on Strictly Come Dancing.

Before I started to try out ballroom dancing I thought it would be really hard and not fun, but it was the opposite."

Renee, 11, Battersea, London

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