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Last Updated: Wednesday May 06 2009 08:22 GMT

'Snake' device to make wave power

Watch video of the gadget in action

Scientists have invented a new rubber snake-like device that can turn waves in the sea into electricity!

Waves in the water create little bulges along the tubing that travel along its length gathering energy.

That energy passes along the tube, powering a gadget at the end which converts the energy into electricity.

Scientists hope that thousands of these tubes will be fitted around UK coasts to provide the country with a new source of clean power.

It's called the Anaconda because it reminds inventors of the big snake which is found in South America.

Global energy

The scientists behind the gadget reckon that a group of 50 full-size Anacondas, at 200m long each, could provide electricity for 50,000 homes.

As well as placing the tubes around the UK, they reckon they could also produce lots of environmentally-friendly energy off the coast of America, Australia, Ireland and Japan.

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